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Celebrating 40 Years of Hope: September, 2012 ~ 2013

From an interview with Trina by Vadivu Govind of Happiness.sg

This site is made possible by two caterpillars who because they mistake the meaning of their urge to get high, get entangled climbing a horrible "caterpillar pillar." And for two caterpillars, we all know, surrendering to the cocoon is the only way to finally fly. All over the world this parable has brought new hope to millions.

Hope For the Flowers celebrates HOPE. My wish for you is that your hope is strengthened in these difficult times and you find your special way to bring peace to the whole world.

With your help, we are hoping to reach as many as possible of the 3,000,000+ who have enjoyed and been inspired by Hope for the Flowers, so that we can share developments as we celebrate Hope's 40th Anniversary! The Hope team encourages you to continue to share your wonderful and moving stories of how this story has touched your life personally as we create a online community utilizing the new tools available through social media.

I look forward to bringing you updated information as it happens. It certainly feels like the Harvest time for Hope with so many possibilities on the horizon as Hope turns 40.  As they say, "Life begins at 40" or  "The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary." ~Arthur Schopenhauer 

Thank you for continuing to love and share Hope, contributing to it's status as a perennial bestseller throughout all these years and helping to create the "text" of my life! I am most grateful and humbled by the success of this little yellow book and how it continues to touch hearts and spread the message of Hope around the world.

In hope always,

-Trina, Stripe and Yellow

Sung by Erin "Soupy" Campbell and Alan "Sucia" Smith with Guitars Smith and Tyler See. Song written by Smith, Campbell, Nate Sanders and Britt Willey.

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